This is the script of the game, Grand Theft Auto: Mexico City Stories.


(The scene begins with Lance Wilson coming to Mexico City.)

Lance: Phew... So, this is the Mexico City, huh? It's nice.

(Lance gets a Taxi and goes to Max's apartment.)

Max: Hey, Lance! Come here, man!

Lance: Yes boss.

Max: So, how are you doing man?

Lance: Fine! By the way, what's the matter boss?

Max: Nothing, Lance. But there is one thing to do now.

Lance: What?

Max: Heh heh heh! First, make a change of some clothes, man! Now you are as Mafia member.

Lance: A Mafia member?

Max: Yes! Don't make your time waste. Go and change your clothes. Here!

(Max gives clothes to Lance.)

Lance: Alright, boss! Hm....

Mission 1: The First Order (Max)Edit

(Lance changes his clothes and meets Max.)

Max: Hey! You are looking good in this suite, Lance.

Lance: Thanks!

Max: Ok. Now I am giving you one job.

Lance: What's the job, boss?

Max: Listen - There's a car in new lockup in Downtown Area. That's an high excellent sports-car. I like that car very much! I want you to deliver that car to me without single damage.

Lance: Alright boss!

Max: Heh heh heh! That's good, my boy.

(Lance comes outside from Max's apartment.)

Go to the Downtown Area.

(Lance comes to the Downtown Area.)

Open the lockup.

(Lance opens the lockup.)

Lance: Oh! What an excellent car. I gotta need to deliver it.

(The Martin Gang Members come.)

Martin Gang Member 1: This is Martin Gang! You are not gonna escape from here!

Lance: Who are you, guys?

Martin Gang Member 2: Hey! Are you new in town, man?

Lance: Yes!

Martin Gang Members 1: Our boss Martin send us here to finish off the guys.

Lance: Fuck man, who the hell is Martin?

Martin Gang Members 2: You are gonna die for telling our boss! Come on, guys - Let's show 'em off who we are.

Lance: Fuck you, guys!

Escape from Martin Gang Members and deliver the car to Max.

(Lance comes to Max's place.)

Park the car in Max's garage.

(Max comes outside.)

Max: Great work, Max! Thanks. Whenever you are free, meet me. See you later!

(The mission finishes.)

Mission 2: Pickup (Max)Edit

(Lance goes to Max's apartment.)

Max: Hey, Lance! Welcome!

Lance: Alright, boss!

Max: Hey, what's the matter?

Lance: Who are those gangs?

Max: Gangs!?

Lance: Yes! Those fucking idiots have come in way. They were supposed to kill me!

Max: Oh, the Martin Gang, huh? They are idiots! They are under criminal business. We gotta need to deal with them later, Lance. Now let us get in this business.

Lance: A Mafia business, nice.

Max: My friend, Vince Randy is coming to Mexico City today. He has been arrived already. And now, he is waiting in the Airport.

Lance: Oh!

Max: I told to him that you will go and pick up him!

Lance: Wh-What!? Me!?

Max: Oh, Lance! Can't you do this? It's my friend, Vince. He is our member.

Lance: Alright, boss!

Max: So, pick up him and bring him to me.

Lance: Ok!

Max: But, before that, you gotta need to meet John Williams, my 2nd friend.

Lance: John Williams?

Max: Of course. He is having a gun shop. Whenever you need some guns, go and take from him.

Lance: Alright, boss!

Max: Haah!! An old friends...

(Lance comes outside from Max's apartment.)

Go to the John's Gun Shop.

(Lance goes to the John's Gun Shop.)

John: Hey, homie! What's up?

Lance: Nothing. Are you John?

John: Of course. 

Lance: Nice to see you, John. My boss, Max told me about you.

John: Really? That's great. By the way, you want some guns. I will give it to you now as free.

Lance: Thanks, John.

(John gives the Pistol to Lance for free.)

You got a Pistol!

Lance: Thanks, John. Let's meet later.

(Lances comes outside of the John's Gun Shop.)

Go to the airport.

(Lance comes to the Airport.)

Lance: Hmm....

(Lance asks to one guy.)

Lance: Is there any passenger here named Vince?

Guy: Yes. There he is.

(Lance goes to Vince.)

Lance: So you are Vince, huh? Max send me here.

Vince: Oh, Max! My friend. You are working for him?

Lance: Yes.

Vince: Nice to meet you anyway.

Lance: I am Lance.

Vince: Ok, Lance!

Lance: Come on. Let's go.

Take Vince to Max's apartment.

(Lance starts driving the car.)

Vince: So, what do you do with Max, buddy?

Lance: I just work for him.

Vince: Heh heh! Isn't funny?

Lance: Oh come on.

(Some of the gang members cars comes.)

Vince: Hey! Watch out, Lance!

Lance: Huh!?

(Lance sees Martin Gang members.)

Lance: These guys....

Martin Gang Member 1: You killed our boys yesterday, huh? We are gonna finish you off! Come on, guys.

Kill Martin Gang Members.

Vince: Oh, god! Lance, kill them!!.

Lance: Hey, homie! Relax.

(Lance kills all of the Martin Gang members.)

You've killed Martin Gang Members. Now take Vince to Max's apartment.

(Lance comes to Max's apartment.)

Vince: Thanks for helping, bro.

Lance: It's all my work.

(Lance enters the apartment.)

Max: Hey, Vince! Come on! Come on, buddy.

Vince: Oh Max!

Max: Nice to meet you in Mexico City.

Vince: Thanks!

Max: Ah, he is my member. His name is Lance.

Vince: I knew him. I came to know in Airport.

Lance: That's right!

Max: Ok, Lance! Now take some rest! And let's see later.

(The mission finishes.)

You've unlocked John's Gun Shop! Whenever you want a gun, check in your radar the guns logo.

Mission 3: Trouble Approached! (Max)Edit

(The scene begins with Lance entering Max's apartment.)

Lance: Boss!? Where are you? Hey boss....

Vince: Lance! Thank god, you are here.

Lance: Where is boss, Vince?

Vince: It's a trouble! The Martin's Gang picked up Max.

Lance: Where are they?

Vince: They took him to Mexico Beach!

Lance: Alright! Then let's go.

(Lance and Vince comes outside from Max's apartment.)

Vince: Max gotta need to be safe!

Lance: We gotta need to hurry!

Go to the Mexico Beach.

(Lance comes to the Mexico Beach.)

Martin Gang Member 1: Hey! Look that guys. Hahaha! Now your boss is with us. You are not obeying our orders and our boss orders! Our boss, Martin will surely kill you all!

Lance: Enough talk!

Martin Gang Member 2: Nah! No way.

Lance: You fuckin' idiots. Where is our boss?

Vince: Lance! In case of talking, let's get into the fight.

Lance: We gotta need to fight, really?

Martin Gang Member 1: These guys doesn't listen what we are saying. Boys, let's kill them! 

Lance: Vince! Come on.

Kill the Martin Gang Members.

(Lance & Vince kills all of the Martin Gang Members.)

Lance: We finished off these guys!

(Max comes.)

Max: Lance! Vince!

Vince: Max!

Lance: Boss!

Max: Thank god! Thanks for helping me, Lance & Vince.

Lance: It's all our job.

Max: Ok. Now take me to my apartment.

Lance: Alright, boss!

Take Max to his apartment.

(Lance comes to Max's apartment.)

Max: That was a good ride, guys. Thanks!

(The mission finishes.)

Mission 4: Martin's Got Into Fight (Vince)Edit

(The scene begins with Lance where he goes to Vince's office.)

Vince: Oh god! Oh no! How could it be, man?

Lance: What's up, homie?

Vince: The Martin Gang Members... they are in Arsol Mall.

Lance: Those fucking idiots? They are in Arsol Mall?

Vince: Yeah! I want to kill those fucks.

Lance: Relax! Relax, homie. But that's a big mall. What are they gonna do there?

Vince: Exactly - I don't know what they are gonna do.

Lance: Some robbery?

Vince: Robbery? No way. Lance, we gotta need to hurry and go to that mall. 

Lance: Ok, Vince!

Vince: Wait a second, homie! I am coming too.

Lance: Ok.

(Lance and Vince comes out from the office.)

Go to Arsol Mall.

Vince: We have 5 minutes left before they wreak that place. Hurry up, Lance!

You've 5 minutes left to kill all gang members!

Lance: Are you sure that they are here?

Vince: Of course. They are here!

Lance: Alright!

(Lance and Vince comes to the Arsol Mall.)

Lance: Wow! Look at this mall. It's so nice to travel here.

Vince: Lance, now let's get into business, homie.

Lance: Ok! Ok! Cool.

Go to the upstairs.

Lance: They aren't here too.

Vince: Let's go to other stairs too. Come!

Go to the upstairs.

Vince: Ah! We've come.

(One of the guy shoots Vince, but Vince escapes by hearing sound.)

Vince: Shit!! Lance, they are here! The Martin Gang. Lance, kill them off.

Lance: Alright! You fuckin' idiots. You guys will never end, huh? I will kill you all.

Kill all the Martin Gang Members.

Martin Gang Member 1: Hey, guys. Kill that fucking boys! Kill!!

Lance: Shut your mouth up!

More are incoming! Kill all the Martin Gang Members.

Lance: How much these guys are here?

Vince: I will help you too, Lance.

(Vince takes the SMG which was from dead gang members.)

Vince: Here! Haaaaaaaaaah!!

(Lance and Vince shoots the gang members.)

More are incoming! Kill all the Martin Gang Members.

Vince: Lance! What the hell are you doing, homie? Help me too.

Lance: I am shooting them, yeah. I am helping you too.

(Lance and Vince kills all the gang members.)

Lance: Finally! We finished, huh?

Vince: Yeah!

(The cop cars siren sounds come.)

Lance: Huh!? Shit - The cops.

Vince: We gotta need to escape from here.

Lance: Better idea!

Escape from the mall and lose the cops.

(Lance loses the cops.)

Vince: Alright! That was nice work, Lance! Ok. I will see you later.

(The mission finishes.)

Now you can come anytime to Arsol Mall and play games or enjoy! Now John's Gun Shop have Shotgun stock.

Mission 5: Dealings (Vince)Edit

(The scene begins with Lance where he goes to Vince's office.)

Vince: Oh, it's Lance! 

Lance: Yeah! So, what's up, homie?

Vince: Man, I am getting some troubles with peoples. They don't come to office, but they just sit and enjoy.

Lance: Now what are you telling, homie?

Vince: You don't understand, huh? I am telling that one of my dealer, his name is Freddy - he is not coming to the office for 2 weeks. I don't know why. I am getting tensed by having fuckin' peoples. 

Lance: Cool down. 

Vince: Listen, Lance - you gotta need to go to Club and find that fucking dealer. That's all!

Lance: Ok, Vince. I will bring him.

(Lance comes outside from Vince's office.)

Go to the club.

(Lance goes to the club.)

Find Freddy.

(Lance finds Freddy.)

Lance: Are you Freddy?

Freddy: Y-Yeah! What do you want?

Lance: Vince is calling you.

Freddy: My boss Vince? 

Lance: You didn't come to the office for 2 weeks. What's the reason, homie?

Freddy: It's a big problem. The gangs and crimes!

Lance: The gangs and crimes?

Freddy: Y-Yes... I am so afraid of them.

Lance: By the way, I am working for Vince too. Come on, Freddy.

Freddy: A-Alright! Take me to his office.

Take Freddy to Vince's office.

(Lance takes Freddy to Vince's office.)

Freddy: Hey! What's your name, homie?

Lance: My name is Lance.

Freddy: Ok, Lance! Let's see later. 

(The mission finishes.)

Post-mission phone callEdit

(Franco phones Lance.)

Franco: Hey, Lance!

Lance: Who is this?

Franco: You don't know me? I am John's brother, Franco Williams.

Lance: You are John's brother. Nice!

Franco: My brother tells a lot about you. It's interesting! By the way, I want you to show your talents in sports too.

Lance: What do you mean?

Franco: I want you to come and meet me in Northern District.

Lance: Alright!

Mission 6: Got a Members? (Vince)Edit

(The scene begins with Lance where he goes to Vince's office.)

Vince: Hey, Lance! I am very happy today.

Lance: Really? That's nice to hear, homie. Anyway, why are you happy today?

Vince: Because I am gonna start a new gang, "The Vince Gang". 

Lance: "The Vince Gang"!? What are you gonna do with it?

Vince: I am the founder for this new Vince Gang. And I need some protections, workers etc. And they'll work for me. Hahaha!!

Lance: Now what should I do for you?

Vince: I want you to take me to every places of Mexico and find some peoples and I will ask them whether they are gonna join my gang or not.

Lance: Ok!

Vince: Don't be hurry, Lance! Patience is important.

Lance: Patience, huh?

(Lance and Vince comes outside from the office.)

Vince: I have my own new car. Here!

Get in Vince's car.

(Lance gets in Vince's car.)

Vince: Let's go!

(Lance starts to drive.)

Vince: This is gonna be great. First, go to Northern District.

Go to the Northern District.

(Lance comes to the Northern District.)

Vince: Look there! I found some gang members. Let's go and ask to them.

(Lance and Vince gets down of the car.)

Go near to the peoples.

(Lance and Vince goes near to the peoples.)

Vince: Hey, homies! You wanna join my gang? My gang is "The Vince Gang". If you guys are interest, so come on.

Gang Member 1: Our boss gives an order. We are joining, boss.

Gang Member 2: Yeah!

Vince: Great choice, homies!

Take a gang's car.

Vince: Lance, you go with these members to Verdon Port. I will go to other places and get some gang members.

Lance: Alright!

Go to the Verdon Port.

(Lance goes to the Verdon Port.)

Lance: You guys, come behind me by following. Ok.

Gang Member 1: Yes, boss.

(Lance sees the Martin Gang Members talking.)

Martin Gang Member 1: Yeah, yeah! You are right.

Martin Gang Member 2: We gotta need to use the plans to kill them.

Martin Gang Member 3: Of course, homie. We, the Martin Gang will surely kill them. Our boss will be happy, man.

Martin Gang Member 4: This plan should not fail.

Martin Gang Member 5: We need to be careful every time.

(One of the Martin Gang Member sees Lance.)

Martin Gang Member 1: H-Hey! Look there, boys! It's Lance. Get him!

Kill all the Martin Gang Members.

(Lance with Vince's gang members shoots the Martin Gang members.)

Martin Gang Member 1: Kill him, guys!

Lance: You are gonna die!

(One of the Martin Gang Member runs away.)

Lance: Hmm.... He scared of us.

(Vince comes to Verdon Port.)

Vince: Lance! I got some few gang members. Thanks.

Lance: It's all my job!

Vince: Heh heh! Let's see later.

(The mission finishes.)

Mission 7: The Van Heist (Vince)Edit

(The scene begins with Lance where he goes to Vince's office.)

Lance: Hey, Vince! My homie. What's up?

Vince: A new work has came to you.

Lance: Work!?

Vince: Yeah.

Lance: What is it?

Vince: You are gonna do a Van Heist.

Lance: Van Heist? 

Vince: Yeah! I started already my new gang. As per, my business gotta need to be bigger! And I want some cars and more. 

Lance: Now what should I do for you?

Vince: You gotta need to go to Martin Gang Member's warehouse. In there, there is one car in the lockup. You gotta need to bring that car to me. It is brand-new car. Don't damage it. Bring me without a single damage. 

Lance: Ok.

Vince: Be careful with the gang members. You've a very less time to get that car. Bring the car to me before they come, Understand?

Lance: Yes, homie.

Vince: Alright, homie! Finish the job and meet me.

Lance: Alright!

(Lance comes outside from Vince's office.)

Go to the warehouse.

(Lance comes to the warehouse.)

Lance: I think that the car must be in any one of these lockups. I don't know what's gonna happen too, hm....

Check each lockups.

(Lance checks each lockups and finds a car in one lockup.)

Lance: Phew! Finally, I found a car. I gotta need to keep in Vince's lockup quickly before they come.

Go to Vince's office.

(Lance comes to Vince's lockup.)

Park the car in Vince's lockup.

(Lance parks the car in Vince's office.)

Lance: The heist is done!

(The mission finishes.)

Mission 8: Rescuing Girlfriend (Vince)Edit

(The scene begins with Lance where he goes to Vince's office.)

Vince: Oh, no! Oh god! My girlfriend! No way.

Lance: What happened, Vince - my homie.

Vince: Oh, Lance! My girlfriend.... Those fucking guys have kidnapped my girlfriend.

Lance: What!?

Vince: Her name is Sona.

Lance: Sona got kidnapped?

Vince: Yeah!

Lance: Hmm... I gotta need to do something, homie.

Vince: Of course. I will tell you what to do.

Lance: Huh?

Vince: My girlfriend is surrounded by Martin Gang Members. You gotta need to kill them all and rescue my girlfriend. I hope so, you can do it, homie.

Lance: As per, you are my friend, Vince. I will help you.

Vince: Thanks, Lance.

Lance: I will finish the job and bring your girlfriend back.

Vince: Great choice, homie. 

(Lance comes outside from Vince's office.)

Go to Girlfriend's place.

(Lance comes to Girlfriend's place.)

Sona: Please! Somebody help me! PLEASE!!

(Martin Gang Members sees Lance.)

Martin Gang Member 1: Oh, it's you. Lance!

Lance: Just leave her, you fuckers. 

(Jodana comes and starts talking to gang members.)

Jodana: Hey! Please leave Sona!

Sona: Jodana! Go. Don't stay here.

Martin Gang Member 1: New lady? Let's take her too.

Lance: No!

Martin Gang Member 2: Listen up, Lance - You are always coming in our way. So that's why we kidnapped your friend, Vince's girlfriend. Understand? Now just get out from this place.

Lance: You guys want me, so do anything to me. Don't do anything to my friend.

Martin Gang Member 3: This one you should have tell before - not now. Hahaha!

Lance: I will kill you all!!

Martin Gang Member 4: Attack, boys!

Kill all the Martin Gang Members and rescue Sona.

(Lance kills all the Martin Gang Members.)

Lance: Are you alright, Sona?

Sona: Y-Yes! I am little better now. By the way, did Vince sent you here?

Lance: Yes! I am Lance. I am his friend.

Sona: Thanks for helping me, Lance.

Jodana: Yeah! Thanks for helping me too, Lance.

Lance: Ok. Thank you.

Sona: Now take me to my place.

Lance: Alright!

Jodana: Lance, wait!

Lance: Huh?

Jodana: Take me too.

Lance: Alright! Come on.

Take Sona to her place.

(Lance leaves Sona to Vince's office.)

Sona: Thank you, Lance. See you later.

(Sona goes to Vince's office.)

Jodana: So, are you new here, huh?

Lance: Yeah!

Jodana: My house is near in Stardon Restaurant. Leave me there, Lance!

Take Jodana to Stardon Restaurant place.

(Lance takes Jodana to Stardon Restaurant.)

Jodana: This is the restaurant and on your right side, that's my house, Lance.

Lance: Nice! You've a big house.

Jodana: Thanks, Lance. Haha!

Lance: Alright!

Jodana: Whenever you wanna meet me, just give me a call. And I will come. Ok, bye Lance.

(The mission finishes.)

You can go to Jodana's house anytime to meet her.

Post-mission phone callEdit

(John phones Lance.)

John: Hey, Lance! It's me, John.

Lance: What's up, John?

John: I am in a big trouble. Meet me in Dentoz District.

Lance: Alright, John! I will meet you.

Mission 9: High Lowrider! (Franco)Edit

(Lance comes and meets Franco at Northern District.)

Lance: Franco!?

(Franco phones Lance.)

Franco: Hey, Lance! Nice to meet you.

Lance: It's ok, Franco - my homie!

Franco: I want you to come to the meeting point, homie.

Lance: To the meeting point? I don't know actually where the meeting point is.

Franco: Yeah! I will tell the place. Come to the Downtown District. There are many lowrider challengers, homie. You gotta need to take high score. But you need a lowrider car.

Lance: Now where could I get that Lowrider Car?

Franco: Nice question, homie. I kept a car in the lockup of Northern District. You take that car and go to the meeting point.

Lance: Alright! This is the first time for me to do a lowrider challenge!

Franco: Heh heh heh! So funny, Lance - my homie.

(Franco cuts the phone.)

Check the lockup near you.

(Lance checks the lockup near him.)

Lance: Is this a lowrider car, huh? So funny!

Get in the car.

(Lance gets in the car.)

Go to the meeting point.

(Lance comes to the meeting point. Lance sees many lowrider challengers.)

Lance: So this is the place.

(One of the Challenger talks to Lance.)

Challenger 1: You've come to challenge us in this Lowrider Challenge, huh? Great! But before that, let's do a deal. How much money will you give us if you lose this challenge?

(Three options will come.)

a) 50 b) 100 c) 1000

(If player chooses 50.)

Challenger 1: $50. Oh, nice choice. Come on, let's challenge.

(If player chooses 100.)

Challenger 1: Oh, $100. Remember, homie - you will lose your money if you lose.

(If player chooses 1000.)

Challenger 1: Yeah! Great choice - $1000 is better to give me if you lose. Be careful!

Lance: Ok. Let's start the challenge, man.

(One of the girl sits in Lance's car. The challenge begins.)

Score more points than your opponent. Make your girl impressed by winning the challenge.

(The challenge starts showing direction buttons below.)

Use the direction buttons which are shown below to score points!

(If Lance loses the challenge.)

Challenger 1: Oh, homie! It's too sad to tell that you lost the challenge! You are slow in this lowrider challenge! Better try next time.

(The opponent will take the money by which option you used.)

Lance: Oh no! My money got lost. I should really need to try harder.

(If Lance wins the challenge.)

Lance: Woohoo! I won the challenge! 

Challenger 1: Ok. That's great, homie! You are nice in lowrider! I accept my loss.

(The challenger accepts his loss.)

Girl: Wow! We won!! We won the challenge! Great, man. Thanks! I really enjoyed it.

(The mission finishes.)

Post-mission phone callEdit

(Daniel phones Lance.)

Daniel: Is this Lance Wilson?

Lance: Yeah, it's me. Who are you?

Daniel: I am Daniel. One of the gangster in this city. I want you to meet me at Verdon Port.

Lance: Gangster, huh? I will meet you at Verdon Port.

Daniel: Alright!

Mission 10: Guns'n'Fight (John)Edit

(Lance comes to Dentoz District and talks in the phone.)

Lance: Hey, John? Where are you?

John: Listen up, man - I want you to come to Lerit Park place. The Diablos Members are attacking me and my brother, Franco.

Lance: What!? The Diablos!?

John: I am shooting these fucking idiots, man. There are more guys.

Lance: Alright! I will come.

(Lance cuts the phone.)

Go to the Lerit Park.

(Lance comes to the Lerit Park and meets John and Franco.)

John: Hey, Lance! Come on, homie.

Franco: Help us, man! Please!

Kill all the Diablos Members.

(Lance kills some of the members.)

John: Lance!! Look your right!

(Lance kills the Diablos member who was in Lance's right side.)

John: Incoming!!

(Lance, John and Franco kills the Diablos members.)

Lance: I don't know about Diablos Gang. I know about Martin Gang.

John: Fight up, man.

(Lance kills all the members.)

John: We finished it, hm...

Lance: Yeah!

John: Lance, now bring that breifcase to my place. It's important!

Lance: Ok! You get going. I will bring it.

Franco: That's great answer, homie. See you later.

(John and Franco goes to their place.)

Take the breifcase near you.

(Lance takes the briefcase.)

Lance: Alright! Now, I gotta need to give this to John, huh? Nice!

(The cops comes.)

Lance: What!?

Cop 1: Don't move!

Cop 2: Stay right there.

(Lance shoots one of the cops.)

Cop 3: Hey! He shoot our member. Kill him! This is MCPD! We will kill you!

Lose the cops.

(Lance loses the cops.)

Take the briefcase to John's place.

(Lance comes to John's place and gives the briefcase to John.)

John: Thank you, man! I thought you'll fail to bring this briefcase.

Lance: Alright!

John: I will see you later.

(The mission finishes.)

Mission 11: Where is Dealer? (John)Edit

(The scene begins with Lance where he meets John at his gun shop.)

Lance: Hey, homie!

John: Hey, come on - Lance! My friend.

Lance: So, how's your day, John!

John: Na! I am just relaxing my mind.

Lance: Just relaxing your mind? What do you think, homie.

John: One of my dealer, he didn't even came to work. I hope so, he's working for other gang. I have this doubt. I want you to clear it.

Franco: Of course. You gotta need to bring the dealer. I think he's in... Estonia Market.

Lance: So, I gotta need to bring the dealer, huh? Nice! I will bring him here and get some informations too.

John: I know you could do it, homie.

(Lance comes outside from John's Gun Shop.)

Go to the Estonia Market.

(Lance comes to the Estonia Market and meets the John's dealer.)

Lance: So, you are John's dealer, huh?

Dealer: Yeah, it's me. What do you want?

Lance: I am friend of John. John told me that you are not coming to his shop. He's thinking that you are working for other gang.

Dealer: Man, fuck you. I don't want that shop. I wanna be a millionaire.

Lance: Fuck the Millionaire man. Now just come.

Dealer: Not so fast, man. Hey guys! Attack this fellow.

(The Raidon Gang comes.)

Raidon Gang Member 1: Attack! Let's finish him off right here.

Kill all the gang members.

(Lance kills all the gang members.)

Dealer: Wha... Huh! You are a tough gangster, man.

Lance: Let's stop these funny talks. Now come to me.

Dealer: O-Ok! Ok! I am coming. Or else you will make me as a dead meat.

Take the dealer to John's place.

Lance: Absolutely, I would have made you a dead meat! But you accepted what I said. If you would have accepted before, when I asked - You would have not seen this killing scene. Your fucking members are weak.

Dealer: I understand, Mr, huh? What's your name.

Lance: My name is Lance Wilson.

Dealer: Ok. Mr. Lance! Now - I will work for John.

Lance: That's better for you, Ok.

(Lance comes to John's place.)

Dealer: Ok, Lance! Thanks for dropping me here.

(The mission finishes.)

Mission 13: John vs. Diablos (John)Edit