Grand Theft Auto: Tokyo City Stories is an Exclucive game created by Dinesh Raj and Published by Rockstar Leeds

The game protagonist is Mike and It's all about Tokyo and It's released on July 21st 2015 for PC it released on July 17 2015 and for PS3 it released on July 10 2015.


The scene begins in Jack House and Jack was Mike's boss. The Lucies Gang Members are trying to mess up the plan to kill Lucie. But somehow Officer Ken says to Mike that Jack and Dr. Pardox has Cheated you and Mike kills both of them and then Jhordhano Levic, Lisa Levic, Officer Ken, Sweet Johnson, Jimmy Leone, Toni Cipriani Cheerup and work together and Plans to kill Lucie and finally Everyone works and kills Lucie and Mike says bye and goes to another city.